Why should you advertise with us ?

Because our readers are the kind of lovable cretins who actually still BUY RECORDS instead of just
tweeting about 'em.
In the past two and a half years, we've grown to a 2800 print run magazine with distribution on 3 continents
and a reputation as the only true magazine devoted to the garage/punk of today (and tomorrow).
We are distributed in many cities in the US as well as over 12 countries.
Finally, with every ad you'll get copies of our beautiful 'zine shipped to you FREE OF CHARGE (regardless
of where you are) ! Go ahead-- give one to your Uncle Stanislaus !

Ad specs

Quarter page ad (vertical) : 3.5 x 5.5 inch  -  9 x 14 cm  -  100 euros
Half page ad (horizontal) : 7.2 x  5.5 inch  -  18.5 x 14 cm  - 130 euros
Full page ad (vertical) : 7.2 x 11 inch  -  18.5 x 28 cm  - 220 euros

All ads payable to clopezhuici@gmail.com via Paypal.