Bananas ? What' s Bananas ?

We started in late 2009 in New York, when we wanted to fill the gap left by other underground 'zines and
mainstream mags : a FREE print magazine devoted to the garage rock of today. We are based in NYC (and
now London as well) but cover the international garage scene from Rancho Cucamonga, California to Kookaburra,
Australia !
Past issues have included coverage of garage festivals in NY, France, Portugal, Spain and UK among others; 
local guides to the garage scenes in Greece, Spain, Australia, Canada, Russia, France, Mexico, Brazil and Italy, and in-depth
features on important labels and venues. We also have regular interviews with bands, the coolest underground artists, and a
tabs page to learn how to play the most crucuial riffs ! Oh and there's everyone's favorite reviews section where we cover tons
of releases that noone else does and yeah, the fucking pictures ! Wahoo !

So now that you read 'bout how cool the 'zine is, how do you get yer copy ?

Simple ! Bananas is a FREE magazine, but you need to pay for postage, so just go to our 'get the latest issue' tabs to find
out the price for your country. Or get it from one of our fine distros. Those include Soundflat (DE), Dirty Water (UK),
Groovie (PT), Bachelor (AU), Get Hip (USA), Howlin'Banana (FR), P.trash (DE), Hidden Volume (USA), Slovenly (NL/USA), Dig! (RU), Frantic City (FR), Azbin (BE), and more !